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Hello! everyone. Welcome to MyDNS.JP.

A long time ago in a galaxy, I want to access my home server from far, far away ...

At that time, I noticed that my IP address is recorded in the log file. So, I made alpha version of MyDNS.JP. It was only support POP3.

Why POP3?

I think so many clients can be servers. Because almost of client (PC, Mobile, PDA etc...) has mail client software.

Few years later, I did version up it for everyone. It became possible to send IP address by other protocol... FTP, HTTP-BASIC and Direct IP.


CentOS,KVM,PowerDNS,PostgreSQL, Nginx,PHP


DELL PowerEdge R610 X5650(2.67GHz)x2 32GB-MEM, 256GB-SSDx4(RAID-10),IPv4/IPv6 Ready!

Have a nice Internet Life! And thanks for your Donation! :-)

T.Kabu / Future Versatile Group, TOKYO JAPAN

Important! Make sure your server will be sufficiently secure against Hacking or Attack, Virus. If your server attacks a third party, infringes the rights of a third party, We will delete your information from Database. :-(

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